Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

April 15, 2021



The Victoria-Vanuatu Physician Project (ViVa) is a nonprofit group of physicians and their families from southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, who have partnered with the government of the southern Pacific archipelago nation of Vanuatu, 2300 kilometers northeast of Australia. Since 1991, ViVa doctors have acted as medical superintendents and staff physicians at the Lenakel Hospital on the island of Tanna. One doctor lives there at a time, often along with his or her family.

Where they work

Tanna, Vanuatu.

Who is needed

Physicians of any specialty, from Vancouver Island only. Positions are currently filled until January 2011, but interested physicians are encouraged to get in touch immediately.


A stint in Tanna lasts six months, with plus two weeks at the beginnings and ends of the term to rotate a new physician in. ViVa also runs mandatory monthly meetings in Victoria to review issues and support the physician family on Tanna, as well as to prep physicians planning to go.

Financial Considerations

Physicians and their families are expected to cover all of their own expenses. ViVa provides a small amount of money to reduce the costs of airfare. During stints in Vanuatu, physicians are paid at the country’s public service rate for physicians of about $1,000 per month. Payment is often very late, however.


Dr Colin Tamboline,; or Dr John Wilson,

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