Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

April 15, 2021



Dr Myron Semkuley and his wife Elaine, a pharmacist, first volunteered in Burma and Ukraine in 1992. In the following years, other volunteers began to join them. By 1999, the non-political, non-denominational project was formalized under the name Medical Mercy Canada (MMC). MMC helps operate 31 projects in Ukraine, and provides medical help for Burmese refugees at three clinics in India along the Burmese border, and other projects in eastern Burma and Thailand along the Burmese border.

Where they work

Eastern Burma and along the Indian-Burmese and Thai-Bumese borders, Nepal, Ukraine.

Who is needed

Physicians of any specialty.


A typical trip to Burma lasts one month. Medical Mercy Canada’s group usually leaves in mid-January every year. Volunteer work in Canada, such as collecting supplies, helping with fundraisers and attending meetings, is required for up to one year prior to leaving. Each volunteer is expected to fundraise a minimum of $200. On returning, volunteers must give a written and oral report to the group about their experience and write an article for the newsletter.

Financial Considerations

Volunteers must put down a deposit of $1000 towards the cost of the trip -- travel, housing and food -- six months before leaving. One volunteer’s total costs for the one-month trip have been estimated at about $4500.


Dr Ray Comeau, (403) 358-5818; or Dr Myron Semkuley, (403) 251-1300