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July 6, 2020

Berlin: Trabi safari

Germany's capital appeals to visitors for its hip architecture, galleries and restaurants. But during the Cold War, life in East Berlin was anything but urban chic. Nonetheless, the younger generation is in the grips of retro longing for the GDR's cool and kitschy aesthetic, known as Ostalgie (from the German words for East and nostalgia). Quirky Trabant cars are the ideal way to time travel. Once a symbol of East German industry, these candy-coloured clunkers boast 27-horsepower (yes, that's 27) and an unusual gearshift. On the 90-minute tour, you drive yourself, following a guide, getting commentary through your car radio. Alternately, Berlin Walks has an intriguing tour about the tense grey days after World War II. The four-hour "Berlin — Nest of Spies" tour takes in the most infamous sites associated with the Nazis and the Communist takeover of East Germany.; [SL]

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