Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

July 24, 2017



Bocconcini and oregano salad

The perfect quinoa salad that's nutrient-dense and low in fat

Beef vegetable quinoa soup

Hearty and healthy, this soup can be an appetizer or a main

Moist chocolate cake

No one will believe this cake is made with cooked quinoa. The perfect gluten-free dessert

Mini veggie pancakes

Pancakes for dinner! Jazz up meatloaf, chicken breasts or baked fish with this fun side dish that kids will love.

Chocolate toffee brownies

Two of kids' favourite flavours in one irresistible brownie! Add a glass of fat-free milk for a special-treat dessert or snack.

South of the border beef

This hearty slow-cooker stew features traditional Southwestern ingredients and spices for lots of low-sodium flavour.

Fortune noodle meatball soup

Soup is the ultimate comfort food and this one is great on a cold winter day. It has ...

Pressed rice cakes

Street food has always been a big part of Chinese food culture. Even with all the spanking new ...

Seafood trio in a treasure chest

With fresh seafood like scallops, fish and shrimp, this dish might fall victim to marauding dinner guests unless ...

Apricot-walnut loaf

Visitors to Dublin’s Clarence Hotel, owned by Bono and The Edge of the Irish rock group U2, are ...

Pierre Hermé’s chocolate-filled macarons

Chef Pierre Hermé is renowned for his innovative French pastry creations. He’s the owner of two pastry boutiques ...

Poached lobster with mini molten cheese soufflés

London’s Berkeley Hotel is an icon of style and service. Its Blue Bar has been a talking point ...

Double chocolate biscotti

This cookie would go nicely with a scoop of vanilla, pistachio or berry ice cream, or dipped into ...

Fish soup with orange and fennel

This soup is served as a main course following a pasta appetizer or in small portions before pasta. ...

Walnut pasta and pan-fried mushrooms

This is for anyone who prefers a sauce without cream. With walnut pesto on hand, all you need ...