Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

March 23, 2017

Shared photographs

The hidden temples of Kathmandu

The city of Kathmandu (Nepal) expanded rapidly in the last century, building around its historical spine. The significant past supporting their culture basis itself on Buddhism, which many classify as a religion. In fact, it is more an ideology, a lifestyle, that accepts all other religions. Around every corner, while walking through this city, awaits a small "stupa" or temple. In these places, one uncovers hundred-year-old clues, a worshiped golden symbol, into the past that survived.


While travelling in Laos, our guide took us to his home for lunch. When we arrived granny was waiting for us and we felt as if she was assessing her visitors. Within a few minutes she was smiling and made us feel at home. During the meal, she watched every mouthful of food we ate -- as all grandmas do. The meal was terrific. We thanked her and as we were leaving her stoic face returned. This was quite unusual twist to our vacation and something we will not forget.


Gliding over Hawkesbury, ON.

Swallows; the power of nourishment

The young constantly searched for signs of return of the feeding adult; but pretty much any bird, and even an Air Canada jet, would prompt them to "open up."

Swallows; the power of nourishment

One of a series of photos taken of adult swallows nourishing young and eventually coaxing them out of the nest.

Gaspe salmon

Gaspe salmon caught in Bonaventure River this fall.

Panhandler at Phuket night market

Taken on a hot humid night at the Phuket, Thailand night market. Makes one grateful for what we have here in Canada. Photo info: Nikon D7000 1/500s f/4.8 112mm ISO1000. RAW converted to B/W.

Winter bird

Readers in eastern Canada will remember the ice-storm just before Christmas 2013. Picture of a junco taken in Thornhill, Ontario a few days after. Photo info: Nikon D7000 1/640s f5.6 200mm.