Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

April 23, 2017

Shared photographs

Beautiful Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay beaches.

Beautiful Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay beaches.

El Galeon

Taken from a kayak during the Tall Ships Festival in Brockville, 2016-09-17.

Sally Lightfood crab

Not true size!

Cut Bank, Montana

The ultimate rush: earobatic competition flying.

Under the scorching sun...

…I am surrounded by people who travelled from far to the ‘stupa’ to pay homage to life. Their prayers dance in the wind, flicking as it blows, while their colours attract Buddha’s attention. His face looks in the four cardinal directions, believed by some to symbolises the stages of life. Strings of hope strive to reach Enlightenment at its summit. Throughout this spiritual experience, His warmth envelopes the whole being, like the bestowing sun.

The gateway to another dimension

Seemingly, I explored the ancient city of Kathmandu under its protective spirits and deities. Nevertheless, I underestimated the negative forces unknowingly guiding my feet. Lost in the maze of small streets, I found myself standing in front of piercing red eyes, observing me with an ambiguous feeling. Were those meant to ward of evil forces or invite me to enter a different dimension without hope of escaping back to reality? Frozen in awe, I couldn’t help but admire this architectural testament. Needless to say, I didn't venture through its open mount, staying safe in the current world…

The swan tapestry

The inspiring and richly decorated Nepalese temples ornate the Bagmati area of Kathmandu. Their meticulous attention to every detail leaves you in semi-meditative state of reflexion. Supporting temple columns are covered in detailed silk drapes with vivid colours, alternating in an arrow shape, giving an impression of ascension towards the sky where a white swan awaits. Once separated from earthly temptations, this tapestry alludes to Enlightenment, a sought out route to obtain peace.