Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

April 23, 2017

History of Medicine

History of Medicine

Blinded by science

Well-intentioned physicians tried to banish blurry vision, but the cure for cataracts remained cloudy

Bad to the bone

It wasn't until the 18th century that the field of orthopedics was able to stand on its own

Attention grabber

ADHD may be a relatively new diagnosis, but the problem is as old as parenthood itself

Hot little thing

Believe it or not, the simple thermometer was centuries in the making

Medicine woman

Introducing the very first female physician... at the very first medical school

Artfully insane

Vincent van Gogh was certainly skilled... and possibly a little psychotic too

Hair today gone tomorrow

Alas, the elite of yesteryear never believed that bald was beautiful

Inkblot inklings

How an artist-cum-scientist dripped ink to paper and projected his way to psychiatric stardom

Goiters be gone

Getting rid of these loathsome lumps has been a bumpy road

Sperm spotter

How an unlikely, untrained scientist unlocked biology's best-kept secret

Flower power

Born of desperation, the Doctrine of Signatures was mainstream medicine throughout the 17th century

Auditory assault

For centuries, most doctors inflicted more injury on tinnitus sufferers than anything else

Dying for some rest

Fatal insomnia proves that sleep struggles are no snoozing matter Aside from the proverbial apple a day, eight ...

Before Wheelchairs

Before the invention of the wheelchair, paralyzed people were forced to roll with the punches The simplest ideas ...

Corset craze

How fashion and fasting in the 1800s lead to anorexia nervosa After all that holiday gorging going on ...