Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

March 25, 2017

History of Medicine

History of Medicine

The face of the deceiver

Do expressions really reveal your true emotional intentions?

Physician wellness and suicide prevention

An interview with Ottawa’s Derek Puddester

Autism at the start of understanding

The role of “Autistic savants” from mystery to insight

Blending of the senses

Synesthetes hear music and taste food in colour and there are more of them than you might think

Art for therapy's sake

Creativity that soothes and heals the troubled soul

Fear of medical mechanics

It wasn’t MDs that patients minded so much as the tools they used

The long and short of bimodal sleep

Lying down for eight straight hours used to be a bad thing

Celibacy to Masters and Johnson

The History of Sexuality, Part 2

Sex: where would we be without it?

Part 1: from bonobos to Lesbos

How the West got fit

It took almost 6000 years for exercise to become respectable

Are we really what we eat?

From Paleo to the Fertile Crescent to Grain Brain and back

Planet of the blues?

It seems to be human is to suffer from depression — and women suffer more

Contraception: silly to sensational

The long evolution from lemon-soaked pessaries to the Pill

Mad men and barbershops

In medieval times, a bowl of blood advertised an unusual assortment of services

The men with two faces

They say two heads are better than one, though not everyone would agree