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March 28, 2017

Mains: Fish & Seafood


Chorizo and clam stew with tomatoes and arugula

Around the world with three soups that are perfect for sharing — or not

Spicy clam soup (Jogaetang)

A classic kimchi recipe plus spicy specialties for an Asian feast

Seaweed salmon with gingery edamame

Dishes that you can prep or cook ahead to save time later

Parchment-steamed sea bass Veracruz over cilantro quinoa

One-pot meals that you can make in a rice cooker

Hot smoked salmon with oranges and maple syrup

Fish and shellfish recommended by Vancouver's Ocean Wise program

Seafood cioppino

Fish and shellfish recommended by Vancouver's Ocean Wise program

Salmon-filled rasstegai

These open pirogies are generally served as a side with soup

Cod-stuffed cabbage rolls with dill sauce

A nontraditional north-German pairing of cabbage and fish

Shrimp and artichokes under saffron croutons

This casserole looks as if it takes far more effort to make than required

Dukkah-encrusted scallops

An Egyptian spice blend for salmon, swordfish and tuna

Mahi-mahi tacos with cilantro-lime vinaigrette

A trendy food-truck fish taco that's on Neiman Marcus menus

Pad thai with chicken and shrimp

One dish, two ways for kids and adults

Shrimp gumbo

Holland's gumbo is a tomato and okra combination with lots of shrimp and chicken

California roll salmon burgers

Top these moist, flavourful salmon patties with whatever toppings you like, but, for a mind-blowing burger, try the ...

Stefano’s pasta puttanesca

If there is a pasta dish that exudes intense flavour, it is definitely this one. The best part ...