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January 16, 2021

Sandwiches, Burgers & Wraps


Roast beef and blue cheese grilled cheese

Brunch and lunch sandwiches that will make you melt

Sunday brunch grilled cheese

Brunch and lunch sandwiches that will make you melt

The catch grilled cheese

Brunch and lunch sandwiches that will make you melt

California roll salmon burgers

Top these moist, flavourful salmon patties with whatever toppings you like, but, for a mind-blowing burger, try the ...

Sweet and smoky beet burgers

These scarlet burgers can be served on top of grains or salad, eaten like latkes or falafel, or ...

Lemongrass pork

This cheater’s version of porchetta makes a great filling for bánh mì, a baguette sandwich filled and topped ...

Grilled chicken sandwich

From Maximus/Minimus in Seattle, Washington If you haven’t heard of Maximus/Minimus, you don’t live in Seattle. In the ...

Lobster roll (guédille)

The arrival of Quebec lobster, fished from the Baie des Chaleurs off Gaspé’s southern coast and from les ...

Pickled salmon

Because salmon was so plentiful in Ireland until recent times, it was often preserved, not only by smoking, ...

Kalamata pita

This pizza-like pita has no equivalent in the traditional Greek kitchen, but Kokkari customers would never let them ...

Hummus, roasted red pepper and feta crêpes

These Mediterranean-inspired crêpes make a quick lunch or after-school snack. You can add sliced avocado and pitted black ...

Spicy beef picadillo crêpes with chipotle crema

Green olives, raisins and warm spices give this beef filling an addictive sweet-sour-salty appeal, while the chipotle crema ...

Meat-filled griddle pasties (saç börek)

Börek is literally defined as “flaky pastry pie.” It’s actually an umbrella name for a myriad of savoury ...

Pickerel BLT

Fish gains a new dimension of flavour on the barbecue. Cooked skin side down, it holds its shape for this fun take on an old favourite sandwich.

Smoked salmon pinwheels with chipotle-chili fresh fruit salsa

Don’t limit yourself to smoked salmon for this recipe: crab, chopped lobster or grilled chicken can work well, too