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January 16, 2021



Cauliflower and prawn salad

Three recipes to help you embrace the Danish concept of hygge

Mixed mushrooms and mint salad

Recipes from the self-made BC-based YouTube star

Greek salad

Easy recipes for simple summer salads

Roasted beet, buckwheat and goat cheese salad

This dish is ideal for vegetarians because buckwheat is rich in protein

Squid salad with roasted rice

Fish and shellfish recommended by Vancouver's Ocean Wise program

Carrot salad with mint and dates

A sweet and crunchy twist on Moroccan carrot salads

Green bean salad

A combo of fresh and high-quality canned beans, and a bold dressing

Wheat berry and baby kale salad

Baby kale is mild and convenient to use because the whole leaf is edible

Stir-fried Brussels sprouts and wok-fried eggs

12 oz. (340 g) Brussels sprouts salt 2 tbsp. (30 ml) Thai or Vietnamese fish sauce 1½ tsp. ...

Sweet potato salad

Potato salad is a regular at any picnic, but it’s always fun to invite new flavours along. Brighten ...

Rosemary Peanuts and Beets with Lemon and Thyme

From Liba Falafel in San Francisco, California Truck owner Gail Lillian named her San Francisco truck LIBA because ...

Saffron chicken and herb salad

This colourful salad is extraordinarily moist and refreshing. It was created by the chefs at Ottolenghi in Belgravia ...

Potato and white bean salad (Salata me patates ke fassolia)

In our home, many Greek vegetarian dishes were born out of Lent — or Sarakosti — when no ...

Roasted beet salad with wild rice, goat cheese and chickpeas

This salad is wickedly healthy and the colours are vibrant, which saves fall and winter tables from too ...


Green bean salad with mustard seeds and tarragon

1¼ c. (300 ml) green beans, trimmed 2¼ c. (560 ml) snow peas, trimmed 1¾ c. (430 ml) ...