Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

July 24, 2017



Griddled marinated quail (pintxo)

Small plates from the region that straddles France and Spain

Stuffed roasted onions (pintxo)

Small plates from the region that straddles France and Spain

Tortilla de bacalao / cod (pintxo)

Small plates from the region that straddles France and Spain

Cauliflower steak with sun-dried tomato and olive salsa

30-minute meals from one of Canada's experts on nutrition

Grilled prawns with garlic-fennel dip

This appetizer is so good, don't be surprised if guests lick up the last of the roasted garlic-fennel dip!

Chicken charmoula skewers

Flavouring chicken with a classic marinade from northern Africa

Endive spears with ricotta and lemon

A simple recipe that's also pretty and delicious

Mahi-mahi tacos with cilantro-lime vinaigrette

A trendy food-truck fish taco that's on Neiman Marcus menus

Three-colour hummus

This recipe is a standout at gatherings thanks to the varied flavours and three colours

Velvety mediterranean gazpacho with avocado cream

This Mediterranean gazpacho is an orgy of vegetables: cucumbers, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onions, fennel, garlic, ...

Malanga fritters

These crisp, wispy fritters are simple to make, splatter-free when fried and addictively delicious. Variations include adding bits ...

Cod cakes with chowchow

These pan-fried cod cakes served with a tart-sweet relish of pickled vegetables called chowchow, come from Eva Murphy, ...

Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Samosas

Big and hearty enough to be a main course, these are perfect with a tangy-sweet tomato chutney

Shrimp cakes with ginger and cilantro

These spicy shrimp cakes take a little time to form and fry, but it’s worth the effort. You can cut corners by buying peeled and deveined frozen shrimp, and prepare ahead by forming the cakes and refrigerating them overnight, then frying the next day.

Lemongrass gazpacho with chili crab

This is a great lunch dish with some Asian flavour and chili crab to spice it up