Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 20, 2021



Avocado porridge with sweet chili

Unusual bowl-based breakfasts for at home or “al desko”

Spiced carrot bircher

Unusual bowl-based breakfasts for at home or “al desko”

Toasted buckwheat with berries

Unusual bowl-based breakfasts for at home or “al desko”

Lemon scones with blackberries

Recipes featuring your favourite citrus fruits

Rhubarb snacking cake

Easy recipes for simple summer suppers

Sunday brunch grilled cheese

Brunch and lunch sandwiches that will make you melt

Apricot-ginger granola

Beans, nuts and seeds for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Wheat berry and nut porridge

Classic confections that'll transport you to the Middle East

Banana, honey and walnut bread

Quinoa is high in protein and this bread can be frozen for a quick breakfast

Cornmeal waffles with apple cider syrup

This is one of Brown Sugar Kitchen’s signature dishes

Breakfast yogurt parfaits

This pretty parfait has a little bit of everything — yogurt, fruit and an easy granola topping. Serve ...


Prep time: 5 minutes Total time: 30-35 minutes

Chia and buckwheat cereal

Chia is the new miracle seed. It’s gained a lot of popularity in health-food circles and we think ...

Clean green

This is a light, easy and clean green juice. Fennel is very warming and soothing to digestion.

Meat-filled griddle pasties (saç börek)

Börek is literally defined as “flaky pastry pie.” It’s actually an umbrella name for a myriad of savoury ...