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January 24, 2021



Chicken breasts with apple and rosemary

Recipes to help you use up what’s in your refrigerator and pantry, and in turn reduce your “foodprint” at home

Holy basil chicken fried rice

Recipes from the self-made BC-based YouTube star

Sopa de lima

Around the world with three soups that are perfect for sharing — or not

Sweet soy-braised chicken (Andong Jjimdak)

A classic kimchi recipe plus spicy specialties for an Asian feast

Chicken charmoula skewers

Flavouring chicken with a classic marinade from northern Africa

Pad thai with chicken and shrimp

One dish, two ways for kids and adults

Shrimp gumbo

Holland's gumbo is a tomato and okra combination with lots of shrimp and chicken

Soupy rice and chicken

There were two main versions of arroz con pollo in Cuba in the 1950s. One was a fluffy, ...

Chicken rice porridge

This is the breakfast of champions, Vietnamese style! Cháo, called congee in English, jook in Cantonese, zhou in ...

Braised chicken with artichokes and olives

In Italy they harvest artichokes in both spring and fall, and that abundance graces their cuisine. Artichokes also ...

Chicken in horseradish and chervil sauce

Horseradish has a very sharp, peppery taste that is highly versatile. It can be used in sauces and ...

Lemon-Espresso Spatchcocked Chicken

1 chicken (about 4 lbs./2 kg), washed, patted dry and spatchcocked 1 Tbsp. (15 ml) olive oil 1 ...

Tortilla soup with chicken, lime and smoked chilies

Tortilla soups vary from thick, tomatoey purées to lighter versions like this one. Prep time: 30 minutes Start ...

Jamaican red-pea soup with spinners

It’s a culinary jump from Jamaica to Martha’s Vineyard, but this soup and other Caribbean dishes increasingly turn ...

Lemon-and-thyme grilled chicken thighs

The lemon juice in this recipe complements the succulence of dark-meat chicken and the thyme adds a bit ...