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January 24, 2021



Beef dumplings with garlic yogurt and paprika butter

Traditional Turkish dishes that you can replicate in your kitchen

Maya’s hot-and-sour broth with wontons

Around the world with three soups that are perfect for sharing — or not

Beefy barley kale stew

Dishes that you can prep or cook ahead to save time later

Argentinean beef empanadas

These panzudas (big-bellied) empanadas are a delight when fresh from the oven, begging to be eaten with tangy ...

Shaking beef

This dish has been on the menu at the Slanted Door since 1995. I had eaten shaking beef ...

Meatballs in tomato sauce (Polpette alla Napoletana)

This version of polpette (meatballs) is from Campania’s convent tradition

Meatloaf with prosciutto, scamorza and Parmesan (Polpettone)

This polpettone (meatloaf) features smoked cheese which adds a lovely depth of flavour

Beef vegetable quinoa soup

Hearty and healthy, this soup can be an appetizer or a main

South of the border beef

This hearty slow-cooker stew features traditional Southwestern ingredients and spices for lots of low-sodium flavour.

Whole boneless rib eye with chimichurri

Slather a coating of chimichurri on a boneless rib roast and the result is the most heavenly crust ...

Meatballs with two sauces (Albóndigas)

The Spanish word albóndiga, or “meatball,” comes from the Arabic al bundaq, or “round.” The bread in the ...

Big beef burger stuffed with blue cheese

A grill book wouldn’t be complete without burger recipes. For blue cheese lovers, nothing beats a beef burger ...

Filet mignon and barley stew with spinach

This preparation elevates stew to a fine-dining experience. Searing tender steak pieces and then removing them allows the ...