Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 25, 2017



Wright in Buffalo

One of Frank Lloyd first commissions has finally been restored to its former glory

Yesterday, FLA

At Flagler Beach, Old Florida isn’t a thing of the past

BC’s chef d’oeuvre

The Okanagan Valley is known for its wine, but it’s about to be as famous for its food

I Prescribe a Trip to... The Sabine Hills

Hike Italy's mountains north of Rome with an MD from Manitoba

The scourge of depression

The disease affects one in five Canadians during their lifetime (SLIDESHOW)

Watering holes

7 hotel pools in the US and Canada that give new meaning to taking a dip

Links between me and my country

An MD and his wife golf their way across Canada

Meet the neighbours

Drive a loop around Melbourne for beaches, bushwalks, and food and wine

I Prescribe a safari in...

A Saskatoon doc and his sons have near-death adventures on an African safari

Pillars of strength

Tour Spain's Castile and León and take in an ancient history that's still very much part of everyday life

The inside story

All the details on how to ditch hotels and find a holiday rental in France

All eyes on Italy

Make Sorrento your base for day trips around a peninsula that looks like a painting

Field focus

Zoom in on Flanders in northern Belgium as WWI turns 100

The Lautrec legacy

The alcoholic aristocrat Toulouse-Lautrec ruled Paris’ brothels, but he also called quiet Albi home

Marley and ski

Four pet-friendly properties in Mont-Tremblant plus everything you need to chew over before you pack up the pooch