Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

November 24, 2017



More anchovies, please

Authentic Italian flavour begins on the Amalfi Coast

The joys of practice

Family practice pleasures and pressures

Yukon cold spell

The epic dogsled race through true wilderness could make you fall in love with winter

Fantasy islands

Yes, these Caribbean resorts are expensive, but what’s life without dreams?

Keys to fun, food and films

A frolic along the string of islands south of Miami

The road to Trinidad

Cuba beyond Havana in the UNESCO city known for its casas particulares

Dr Grenvil in Verdi’s La Traviata

Just how good a doctor was he?

Eccentric patients I have known

What doctor hasn’t wanted to write a book about their practice?

South Beach by design

The US city that has the greatest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world

Make short getaways last longer

10 ways to get more out of those breaks away from your practice

Pennsylvania Dutch

Amish farms, art museums and estate gardens in Philadelphia’s countryside

Take it on the shoulder

Why the months between the high and low season may be the best time to travel

Up, up and away

…in a shiny soaring machine

Israel on two wheels and a prayer

A bike tour of the Holy Land

Casa de Campo reverie

A resort that sets the benchmark for Caribbean luxury