Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 25, 2017



Langdon Hall

A country spa in Ontario where master gardeners and five-star chefs bring homegrown ingredients to life

A cut above in Cape Dorset, Nunavut

High art in Nunavut’s high artic

Parc Nationale du Bic -- eco-friendly cabin country

Light on both the environment and the pocketbook, yurts are as comfortable and as equipped as a rental cottage

Beyond Calgary’s flame

10 great things that have nothing to do with to do with Stampede

Face to face with a grizzly

In the Great Bear Rainforest with BC’s own Dr Doolittle

Going overboard in Niagara

Part Grand Canyon, part Vegas, Niagara’s unique combination of natural wonderment and outrageous cheesiness continues to boom

The great Vancouver adventure

An action-packed week of
activities for the whole family

Easy Adirondacks

From the Queen of American Lakes to the Sport of Kings, Saratoga Springs and Lake George promise grown-up entertainment and family fun

Road trips

10 easy escapes from
Toronto’s concrete jungle

Where to eat when in Halifax

Dr Lara Hazelton likes art to be challenging and food classic and satisfying – even in an Art Gallery

Taste tours of the Big Apple

Eat like a local and uncover
the real New York City

Where to eat when in Saskatoon

Dr Gisèle Ferguson celebrates St. Valentine's Day with classic bistro flair

A weekend in Halifax

The town that has it all -- history, culture, fun, food, shopping, great people and the world's best second-hand bookstore

Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula

A 17th-century architectural sites on the Rock's eastern coast

A mecca for car fanatics

For the past 15 years, Watkins in the pastoral Finger Lakes region has hosted the largest vintage motor sports event in the US