Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 24, 2017



Where to eat when in New South Wales

Dr Andrew Kirk stumbles on the perfect birthday dinner in Australia's Blue Mountains

Sands of time

A GP climbs Namibia's monumental dunes to photograph one of the earth's most astounding natural treasures

How green is my valley

Wineries and hotels in Sonoma and Napa boast about sustainability. But is it just hot air?

Cutting-edge collection

London's stylish new medical museum breaks down the barriers between art and science

Sunshine state revisited

Kids and adults can try out a new vocation during a Florida vacation

Have pet, will travel

More people are travelling with their pets these days, thanks in part to the number of pet-friendly hotels ...

Toronto to NYC for $1

Now more than ever, Canadians are looking for cheaper alternatives to air travel and Greyhound is offering at ...

Wet your whistle

Odds are if you make a cup of tea at work, you use an electric kettle. And if ...

Ever so civilized

Step away from the tea bag! Life’s too short not to drink whole-leaf tea

The brown bag goes black

I brought a hot lunch to work today, something I’ve never done before. I brought it in a ...

Feeling hut, hut, hut

The fully equipped tents in Quebec’s provincial parks take the “rough” out of roughing it

Canada’s Provence?

Vancouver Island’s Comox Valley causes a quiet stir with Slow Food by the sea

Symphony tickets sound great at these prices

“Imagination creates reality,” Richard Wagner once said. It seems he was onto something: Canadians who’ve been dreaming of ...

Like a local in Europe

Like-a-Local wants to make sure travellers get a more authentic experience. The company started with Amsterdam (and that’s ...

Retro watches: it's about time

The 1970s were not a decade noted for great design. Men actually left the house wearing Nehru jackets ...