Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

March 30, 2017



How green is my valley

Wineries and hotels in Sonoma and Napa boast about sustainability. But is it just hot air?

Cutting-edge collection

London's stylish new medical museum breaks down the barriers between art and science

Sunshine state revisited

Kids and adults can try out a new vocation during a Florida vacation

Have pet, will travel

More people are travelling with their pets these days, thanks in part to the number of pet-friendly hotels ...

Toronto to NYC for $1

Now more than ever, Canadians are looking for cheaper alternatives to air travel and Greyhound is offering at ...

Wet your whistle

Odds are if you make a cup of tea at work, you use an electric kettle. And if ...

Ever so civilized

Step away from the tea bag! Life’s too short not to drink whole-leaf tea

The brown bag goes black

I brought a hot lunch to work today, something I’ve never done before. I brought it in a ...

Feeling hut, hut, hut

The fully equipped tents in Quebec’s provincial parks take the “rough” out of roughing it

Canada’s Provence?

Vancouver Island’s Comox Valley causes a quiet stir with Slow Food by the sea

Symphony tickets sound great at these prices

“Imagination creates reality,” Richard Wagner once said. It seems he was onto something: Canadians who’ve been dreaming of ...

Like a local in Europe

Like-a-Local wants to make sure travellers get a more authentic experience. The company started with Amsterdam (and that’s ...

Retro watches: it's about time

The 1970s were not a decade noted for great design. Men actually left the house wearing Nehru jackets ...

Blow your worries away

Stress is a constant companion for many physicians these days and, I might add, for medical publishers as ...

Bike to work on a fold-and-go

With more people cycling to work — and more bike thieves expanding their takings — folding bikes are ...