Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

March 30, 2017



The great pumpkin

Ontario's prize-winning, sumo-sized squash

Ride into the sunset

Under-visited, underappreciated and undiscovered Manitoba

Over the hump

A camel fair in northern India shows off desert culture at its best

Where to eat when in Phnom Penh

A Toronto FM discovers Khmer smiles and tantalizing tapas in Phnom Penh

Amazon slow boat

Fish for piranha, swim with dolphins and discover rainforest cuisine on a riverboat cruise

Burgundy by barge

Drift through France’s most beautiful wine country on a converted working boat

This year's 10 best cruises

When it comes to cruising, the ship may offer its share of attractions and amenities — including lecturers ...

Can big ships be green?

The news on cruising and the environment is in, and it isn’t good. According to the first study ...

Sinking impossible

Little Lake Manitou has a specific gravity that’s 10 percent higher than regular water, thanks to an abundance ...

Living gargoyles all year ’round

How there came to be wild parrots in Brooklyn is a story shrouded in mystery. Some say they ...

Easy, slow-food wine

The definition of slow food can be a moving target. Is it grandma’s home-style cooking? A diet comprised ...

The quiet joys of old Vermont

Tired of leaf-peeping crowds in Vermont’s popular tourist spots? This year, escape to the sleepy town of Montgomery ...

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight takes you back to the good old days

Leave your car behind in Vancouver and travel to San Francisco at the old-world speed of train-time. Amtrak’s ...

Be a localvore In Ontario

Toronto’s Cowbell restaurant has a treat for you. Three times a year, chef Mark Cutrara creates a five-course ...

Go for the gusto

Savour the world at the Slow Food movement’s biennial celebration in Turin, Italy