Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

October 20, 2017



I prescribe a trip to... the Northwest Territories

A radiologist and his son tackle one of the North’s toughest paddles — the Mountain River

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Ticket to ride

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Channelling Venice

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Off the eaten path

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Peru on a plate

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A spot of tea

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Japan less travelled

Hot springs, lacquerware and tatami mats in Yamanaka Onsen

Tall ship tales

Orcas, eagles and bears in BC's Broughton Archipelago

An MD Slept in Aberdare National Park, Kenya

Dr Natalie Shaffer slept in a suite but had hoped for a night in the treetops

The best of Buenos Aires

Six quintessential experiences for $50 or less

Orlando for the day

Entire guidebooks and websites are devoted to it. Nights are spent planning for it around the computer or ...

Stowe and go

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Hong Kong buzz

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