Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

November 22, 2017



The wheel deal

It's definitely all about the journey on a cycling vacation in these four dreamy landscapes

Second calling

When medicine alone isn’t enough, some MDs add a new passion to their work lives

An MD slept in Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Dr David Shulman finds a cosy B&B during a cross-Canada fundraising ride

The British (Columbian) Empire

The spoils of England’s glory days make a pit stop at Victoria’s Royal BC Museum

Murder in the archives

The Hudson’s Bay Company library opens a window onto our country’s dramatic and often lurid past

Flying Beavers in BC

The world’s largest all-seaplane airline is a West Coast institution

Down by the bay

New Brunswick’s Fundy Coast was Canada’s first seaside resort—and it still draws crowds

From apples to ambulances

Hospital farmers’ markets make an emergency delivery of healthy food

Backyard Manitoba

Manitobans looking for an interesting day trip with the family don’t have to look far. The 36-square-kilometre Oak ...

Where to eat when in Corsica

Dr Lionel Traverse is wooed by fine dining on an island beach

PEI encounters

Discover the number one reason people come back to Prince Edward Island — the people

Conferencing with kids… Atlanta

From toddlers to teens, Georgia’s capital has something for everyone

Alberta’s Cowboy Trail

Glorious landscapes straight out of the movies

Avant gardens

The world’s most glorious gardens are for anyone interested in peeking into another culture

Sensuous Santa Fe

The artiest city in the Southwest offers up a feast for the senses