Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

November 24, 2017



I prescribe a trip to... Ecuador

An FM braves piranhas and caimans on a CME trip deep in the rainforest

Make a hockey pilgrimage

These towns aren’t just any old exit on the highway — they’re all-star monuments

Party on ice

Commune with your inner snowman and celebrate at one of these frozen Mardi Gras-style events

The island is yours

Club Grand Bahama is redefining the “all-inclusive”

Fall for the Townships

The small town of Knowlton adds a historic touch to the beauty of Quebec's Estrie region

New York for the not so rich (or famous)

Start spreading the news: a family can hit this town on a budget

The highest honour

Meet three Order of Canada physicians

Thrills, spills and chills

Canada’s top adventures for adrenalin junkies

Whet your Whistler

The mountain town lays out a Cornucopia of food and wine at its annual fest

Cranberry fields forever

A Muskoka festival proves these berries aren’t just for Thanksgiving

Keep the peace

Seeking a little serenity after the conference? Try these seven havens of calm

The glory of Vienna

Home to musical geniuses and psychiatric savants, Austria's imperial city has long been a hotbed of creativity

The new wave

Set sail with the best high-end cruise line that you've never heard of

The real Venice

Forget Piazza San Marco: La Serenissima comes alive in its neighbourhood squares

Where to eat when in… Grosses Coques, NS

An FM heads up the coast of Baie Sainte-Marie for traditional Acadian fare