Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 21, 2017



Falling for Fiji

Authentic traditions and world-class diving make this South Pacific island a welcoming paradise

Green healers

A passionate group of activists is using their clout as physicians to impact environmental health

I prescribe a trip to... Japan

An endocrinologist and oncologist discover the beauty of Tokyo and Kyoto in bloom

UNESCO's new natural wonders

Eight one-of-a-kind places that just made the World Heritage List

Blades of glory

Embrace the wintry chill with some al fresco skating in Canada

Hot and steamy

This Okanagan Valley resort turns up the heat on eco-friendly amenities

Walking on sunshine

Florida's newest attractions will keep your brood busy this winter

Is that condo a steal?

Few doctors visit Florida these days without at least thinking about getting a deal on real estate. There ...

Dashing through the snow

Quebec's ski hills offer unparalleled Eastern powder and great views

Chill on Anguilla

Billed as a high-end destination, this laidback isle still has a few affordable hideaways

Go Dutch

Glide past windmills, tulip fields and 16th-century villages on a river boat cruise in the Netherlands

Hot to the core

Shimmy across New Zealand's geothermal playground for a glimpse of unique Maori culture

I prescribe a trip to... Ecuador

An FM braves piranhas and caimans on a CME trip deep in the rainforest

Make a hockey pilgrimage

These towns aren’t just any old exit on the highway — they’re all-star monuments

Party on ice

Commune with your inner snowman and celebrate at one of these frozen Mardi Gras-style events