Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 25, 2017



Arctic safari

Swap a pith helmet for a parka while tracking whales, walruses and polar bears in Nunavut

A shore thing

Schooners, sailors and seafood lovers converge on Nova Scotia's most charming town

Go off the rails

A train trip to Ontario's Agawa Canyon lets you journey to the Group of Seven's landscapes without picking up a paddle

Starry nights

Canada's Dark Sky Preserves ensure that stars and aurora borealis shine bright in our modern lit-up world

The golden coast

Vancouver Island's western shore pairs high-end pampering with wild adventures

The wow factor

These big, bold vistas will make you want to grab your camera and head out

A fine balance

Hopping on two wheels is the best way to take in bike-friendly Vietnam

Garden of eating

Go out on a limb with these five unusual (and easy) options for your vegetable garden

Gouda times

Believe it or not, that unassuming Dutch cheese has reached cult status

I prescribe a trip to... Puglia

A Quebec GP and her husband head to a baronial castle in Italy for a little cooking and plenty of great eating

Legends of the West

On the trail of outlaws and shoot-outs on a tour of Arizona and New Mexico's colourful past

Tops for tots in Asia

Pack up the kids for a trip to Hong Kong or Singapore. You won't be disappointed

A Gaudí display

From over-the-top architecture to understated cool, Barcelona is a feast for the eyes

Fairy-tale kingdom

The ghosts of kings and madmen trail visitors on Germany's storybook Romantic Road

Fresh Basel

Switzerland's mecca for modern art proves there's more to the country than bankers and watches