Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

November 24, 2017



Double happiness

From a sacred mountain to China's favourite sage, Shandong is home to two of the country's most venerated sites

I prescribe a trip on the Via Romea

Two MDs and their kids follow an ancient route from Paris to Rome

Swiss bliss

Forget the Alps: Switzerland's little-known Italian canton of Ticino is a foodie paradise

Arctic safari

Swap a pith helmet for a parka while tracking whales, walruses and polar bears in Nunavut

A shore thing

Schooners, sailors and seafood lovers converge on Nova Scotia's most charming town

Go off the rails

A train trip to Ontario's Agawa Canyon lets you journey to the Group of Seven's landscapes without picking up a paddle

Starry nights

Canada's Dark Sky Preserves ensure that stars and aurora borealis shine bright in our modern lit-up world

The golden coast

Vancouver Island's western shore pairs high-end pampering with wild adventures

The wow factor

These big, bold vistas will make you want to grab your camera and head out

A fine balance

Hopping on two wheels is the best way to take in bike-friendly Vietnam

Garden of eating

Go out on a limb with these five unusual (and easy) options for your vegetable garden

Gouda times

Believe it or not, that unassuming Dutch cheese has reached cult status

I prescribe a trip to... Puglia

A Quebec GP and her husband head to a baronial castle in Italy for a little cooking and plenty of great eating

Legends of the West

On the trail of outlaws and shoot-outs on a tour of Arizona and New Mexico's colourful past

Tops for tots in Asia

Pack up the kids for a trip to Hong Kong or Singapore. You won't be disappointed