Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

November 24, 2017



Mood lighting

Provence's sun sets the scene for a theatrical trip through France

Turning back the clock

Once in ruins, Dresden has built a brand-new Old Town — and it’s made the city young again

California teeing

Dreamy golf resorts where the amenities are out of this world

Go with the slow

These classics make the case for throwing away your guidebook

I prescribe a trip to Mount Desert Island

A neurologist and his wife, a radiologist, rediscover the summer vacations of her youth, and bring their kids along for the ride

Where the air is rarified

The historic mining town of Leadville, officially the highest city in the US, is guaranteed to take your breath away

Baking a revolution

North of Toronto, the Apple Pie Trail is leading Ontario's culinary tourism boom

A cake walk

How to eat your way through Newfoundland, one humble fish patty at a time

Cape Breton by ceilidh

Fiddles, singing and stamping feet preserve a rugged outpost of Gaelic culture

I prescribe a trip above Toronto

A psychiatrist looks for an urban adventure — and finds it at the top of the CN Tower

Pitch-black picture-perfect

By surrounding itself in darkness, Quebec's Mont Mégantic lights the skies on fire

Shore leave

Nanaimo is a budget-friendly base to explore Vancouver Island — and the best place to get dessert

A surreal trip

Prepare for unexpected visions and odd architecture on a visit to Salvador Dalí’s Spanish strongholds

Far side of the moon

Get way off the beaten track among the salt lakes, geysers and dunes of Chile’s Atacama Desert

In fair Verona

The city that inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will bring out the romantic in you