Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

September 25, 2017



On the prowl

Kenya’s Maasai Mara has the most savannah species in the world, but it’s the big cats that get the big looks

Size doesn’t matter

Anchovies are small, but they’re leaving more and more people satisfied

Spin doctors

The original Disney in California can still turn mere pixie dust into park magic

Orient yourself

Conquering Hong Kong isn’t an option, but a game plan will ensure you don’t lose your way

I Prescribe a Trip to Brazil

An FP from PEI finds peace deep in the world's largest wetland area

Living in the past

Nevis isn’t just beautiful — it’s one of the most authentic Caribbean islands you’ll ever visit

Hawaii's hole-in-one

My favourite time on Maui is just before sunset, when the sky turns tangerine and magenta, the birds ...

A Massif attack

A ski resort in Charlevoix that’s giving Mont Tremblant a “run” for its money

I prescribe heli-skiing in BC

An Ontario psychiatrist boards a chopper for fresh powder and thrills at Panorama Mountain Village

Mexico by way of Maya

San Cristobal’s Spanish architecture and cobblestone streets rub shoulders with a vibrant indigenous culture

Plant it here

Don’t leave these Vancouver restaurants without eating every meatless meal on their menus

Beauty sleeps

High-end hotels in Southeast Asia that are redefining where you get your shut-eye

Connect the pots

Browse the food stalls in Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter and discover where Middle and Far Eastern flavours meet

Crossing the vine

Four new Ontario wineries that aren’t anywhere near Niagara

The hidden side of Aruba

Arikok National Park shows the island is more than just rum and beaches