Doctor's Review: Medicine on the Move

January 24, 2022



Put yourself on a river of learning

CME. Cruise. Provence. It just doesn't get any better

Depression in LGBTQ+ communities

Toward better mental health among this evolving population

Switching antidepressants safely

A rational, evidence-based approach

Depression and co-occurring substance use disorders

Unique and challenging diagnoses

Depression keypoints

Summer and winter SAD: an important diagnosis for northern climates / Le trouble affectif saisonnier, hiver et été: un diagnostic important dans les climats nordiques

Comorbid mental disorders / Les troubles mentaux concomitants

Major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder

A brief review of menopause

Common symptoms and recommendations

Burden and diagnosis / Fardeau et diagnostic

Highlights of 2016 CANMAT guidelines for the management of major depressive disorder

Innovative medicine in depression

History, challenges and progress (Click for French version)

Low-dose combined oral contraceptives

Maintaining efficacy while minimising side effects and risks

Treatment-resistant depression

A common problem requiring an individualized approach

Depression in immigrants / La dépression chez les immigrants

Strategies to meet the needs of new arrivals, including nearly 40,000 Syrian refugees / Des stratégies en réponse aux besoins des nouveaux arrivants, dont 40 000 réfugiés syriens

Depression in men / La dépression chez les hommes

Shining a light on a hidden problem / Lever le voile sur un problème caché

Depression self-management / L’autogestion de la dépression

Keeping patients on the road to recovery / Garder les patients sur la voie de la guérison

Cross currents in osteoarthritis

The case of the knee that predicted rain